Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

You can’t be a reader of these literary blogs without hearing about Twilight. It seems that everyone read it last year, and everyone loved it. The same is true about it’s sequel (New Moon), but when it came to the third book (Eclipse) reviews were mixed. Twilight is the young adult version of Anita Blake or Sookie Stackhouse. Bella moves to gloomy Forks and discovers that vampires DO exist. She falls for one of them and (not surprisingly) dangerous things happen.

Unlike every other reader, I didn’t LOVE the book. It was good. I read it quickly, and my quibbles with it are minor. However, I don’t feel a burning need to read the follow up. The vampire world is believable, I like her twist on it a lot. I loved Edward and all of his family. I love the humanitarian aspect of Carlisle. I liked most of the other teenagers.

What didn’t I love? Bella was just ok. The clumsiness was unbelievable which meant that by the end, when her clumsiness is the Big Explanation, it was an obvious plot point. I was also annoyed by how conveniently her father (the sheriff) was always absent until the night he was suddenly home and didn’t trust her AT ALL. She had an awful lot of freedom for a 17 year old girl in a new town, living with a parent she’s never lived with before. The Epilogue comes out of nowhere with Jacob, clearly just there to set up the sequel. Overall, I thought I could see the plot mechanisms way to easily.

I read a good number of young adult fiction last year, and while this one was good, so much of what I read was better.

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  1. you know you suck.
    that book was awesome.
    your just to stupid to understand.:p

  2. is that a serious comment?? If so all I have to say is “wow”

  3. I think that you suck. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, kick ***. Your tottaly gey and also thats why no one leaves you any messages excpt to hate on you.

    • You suck. Let everyone have their own opinions and don’t call them stupid because they don’t have the same opinion as you.

  4. You know what really sucks? Scathing comments with misspelled words and grammatical errors. 🙂 Lisa–this is a cool blog idea. I tried to blogline it the other day and bloglines didn’t recognize it. Is the RSS feed enabled?

  5. It seems to be- Google Reader recognizes it and the settings appear to be correct. I could be wrong though as I am new to WordPress myself.

  6. literaryfeline Says:

    I plan to read this series eventually, in part because of all the hype it’s gotten and I do enjoy a good vampire story. I admit to not being a fan of YA fiction and that’s probably why it’s taking me so long to jump onto the bandwagon. Yours is not the first review I’ve read that offers some real criticism, and I appreciate it. I like to have a balanced view of a book I’m hesitating over. I am glad you liked it overall though. That’s a good sign!

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    It’s very weird.

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  9. I’m half into the book, and I gotta say, cliche…

  10. i thought the book was amazing and i plan on reading the sequels. i thought the writing style was great and it was such an easy read; i never wanted to put it down.

  11. Stephanie Meyers is part of the reason why I loathe the very word ‘vampires’ now. Glorified fanfiction of supposedly ‘supernatural’ creatures. Ugh.

  12. First Person Narrative should be outlawed, unless the writer intending to use it doesn’t suck. Unfortunately Stephenie Meyer’s first person narratives are painfully terrible.

  13. I found the first book so cliche and boring that I could hardly get through it.

    It’s like badly-executed fanfiction for tweens.

  14. Tearani Says:

    Wow, half of these comments are incredibly rude. Half of you dont know a good book when you see one. If you don’t like vampires dont read the book, simple as that. I LOVE these books! I wouldnt give them up for anything. The violence, the romance… you gotta admit it freakin awesome. Well yeah thats what I have to say. If you have something bad to say just shut up and keep it to yourself =]. you wouldnt like it if I bad talked your favorite story m’kay?

    • Josephine Says:

      Some of the people here like the concept of this book. But, it is the execution of Meyer’s ideas that the audience is having a problem with. The characters also are undeveloped and unrealistic for their situation. Also, you have to be careful when pointing fingers at others sweetie. You cannot tell people to keep their opinions of a book to themselves. There will always be an opposing force in life. I do not care if you bash my favorite series. If you want to write a horrible review. My favorite books are also about vampires. Go review “Bloodsucking Fiends” and “You Suk: a love story” both by Christopher Moore.
      Go ahead and bash them all you like. It won’t change my opinion of Meyer’s writing.
      Also, have a nice day.

  15. I finally read it! I’ll be writing a review sometime this week (after I finish New Moon), but I really enjoyed it more than I expected to (I don’t generally like vampire stories). I do agree with you about the night that her father suddenly didn’t trust her at all. That came from out of nowhere.

  16. I just read the first half of Twilight, and while I usually try to finish books I read, I’ll be bringing this one back to the library tomorrow. I cannot finish it. I keep wanting to go through the book with a big, red pen and cross out whole paragraphs. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

  17. Honestly, I would have loved loved loved these books if I were still in junior high or high school. But after reading so many great literary works, it’s hard to put this style of writing up there with the greats. It’s interesting, and I love reading vampire novels, but this author has a very amateur way of writing. And I know the work is fiction, but I got really annoyed with Bella a lot because I felt like no normal girl would be so incredibly self-sacrificing and no normal boys would take so much crap from a girl. Although I couldn’t put the books down, I kind of skipped through needless passages…And I often wondered what Edward and Bella would talk about or have in common if there wasn’t always a crisis to deal with.

    And to those people who are being rude, people are entitled to their opinions. Just because I didn’t like Catcher in the Rye, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great book. It’s obviously a reknowned classic so it’s just based on my taste. Be a little more open-minded.

  18. That last paragraphs says it, Marie, just because I didn’t love it doesn’t mean it’s not good. There’s not reason to insult a reader just because they don’t share your taste in books, there are enough books to go around.

    And I agree about Catcher in the Rye. I read it and thought “huh?”

  19. A lot of people do not like much of the canon, but that does not mean the books in it are not well written. They are, and the fact that so many highly educated people agree on it is a pretty strong indicator of the truthfulness of this statement. Stephenie Meyer has a talent for telling a compelling tale, I will admit, but her abilities with words leaves much to be desired. She overuses adverbs, has weak characters, and writes way too much about mundane details, like what Bella had for dinner every night of the story. Basically, these teenage vampire novels are not good because they are not well written. That does not mean that people should not read them if they like them, or that there is anything wrong with liking them, just please, don’t call her a genius and don’t call her an amazing writer, because she is neither.

  20. I hate to sound all “grown-up” or pretentious, because I really am not either, but I agree with the people who have said that Stephanie Meyers’ writing leaves something to be desired.

    I think that some of her ideas are wonderful, if just a tad overused, and obviously she can get a ton of readers to fall in love with her stories.

    Still, I wouldn’t say the Twilight series fall under great literature. This is not literature that will last through the ages. Can Stephanie Meyers really compare to writers like Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling?

    Her writing talents are middling at best. There is nothing wrong with the series at all, it’s angst-ridden and at times amusing, but it really is a watered-down romance novel stretched way too thin.

    And please, people, keep it civil! You are only showing your immaturity when you criticize others without making a valid point.

    Anyways, if I weren’t the subtle person I am, I would say Twilight was Grade A Horse Manure. 🙂

  21. Hi,

    Good to see your opinion on this book. I am, at the moment, writing a blog about Twilight after reading the book because of the hype and we have rather similar attitudes towards it, mine are possibly harsher than yours however! =D

    There’s a couple of comments on here I’m going to quote if you don’t mind and I will of course link back to this page! And will definitely be coming back here to check out your other blogs!

    Jaxx @

  22. […] like to know your opinions on the book – good or bad. I read a great blog on the book by Lisa @ We’d Rather Read and that’s the kind of response I would love! I don’t mind you writing me a mini essay […]

  23. I agree mostly with this blog post. I read the first three books and a friend of mine is now forcing me into reading her copy of Breaking Dawn so we can argue about it later, though I have avoided doing this for months.
    The thing that really gets me about the Twilight series is the bad messages it sends out to young, impressionable readers; I myself being one of those young readers. And of course, the writing.
    Im not here to slam the series, its an okay read, and perfectly understandable for teens and girls in particular to get all hyped over and infatuated with the characters. The story is good – just predictable. I cant read it again though I have tried because I get so bored. There’s nothing to read in between the lines of these books.
    Stephenie Meyer is not an ‘amazing’ writer though. I believe that she wrote the first book because of her dream, not because she wanted to make a career out of it. But the series seems milked for money now. She ruined it for herself. Breaking Dawn is fueled by a terrible storyline. In fact, I am looking forward to the Twilight film because the story cannot possibly be spoiled by how clouded Bella’s mind is when it comes to Edward and how beautiful he is. I feel it would be much better compressed into a couple of hours on screen.

    The only purely immature thing I have to say is that Bella is whiny, she gets very, very irritating. Twihards and fangirls who just love Edward; good luck finding a “perfect” vampire boy of your own to love you unconditionally and for no apparent reason. I truly believe he’s out there, waiting for you.

  24. Anne Gwish Says:

    This was a really good blog. It wasn’t very opinionated, and you just voiced out minor errors, or ‘plot-holes’ as my fellow writers like to call them.
    Don’t listen to those people that don’t have enough brainpower to write something other than ‘u suck.’
    There is a reason mr. Jhonen Vasquez, (The god of all) created JtHM.
    That’s all i’m going to say as to not insult anyone here today.
    …. oh wait I already did. ^_^

  25. Yeah, Twilight is okay, I loved Alice (she’s awesome) but I’m sick and tired of people (mainly infatuated teenage girls) saying “OH MY GAWWWWD! EDWARD CULLEN IS SO HAWT!” Ugh, they aren’t really in love, because they only bloody met! It’s their hormones!

    It’s really easy for teenage girls to slip into Bella’s shoes, and imagine themselves with Edward, in their bed, at night. I mean, why is Edward in Bella’s room, not even trying *that*. Is she religious? Because she’s putting on *that* until marriage, so I’m speculating that she is a Mormon. (Trish stated this in her blog)

    I’m glad someone said this, because my older brother who is 18 says it’s absolute *garbage*. “Because vampires are supposed to suck peoples blood from their necks, not be prancy gay things who drink animals blood, AND saying repeatedly, “I’m dangerous, STAY AWAAAAAAAAAAY!” and then, shining in the light? Okay, was Stephenie Meyer smoking pot before she had the dream?” That’s how my brother puts it.

    I’m glad someone finally got it out in the open!

  26. I enjoyed the plot of the series but thought the way is was written was horrible. Plus, Edward, c’mon. Can you say future abusive husband? If he really loves her why the hell is he on the verge of manhandling her everytime she contradicts him?
    Breaking Dawn was one, drawn out, story line about god knows what. I’ve never read a book before where after 3 hours of reading, the characters are still in the exact same situation as they were before.
    As other people have already stated, it is easy for teenage girls to see them selves in that situation, but Bella did not seem that in love with Edward, especially not if she was stuck between him and another guy for like 3 books before she is completly over him.
    I honestly think the way the entire series was written screamed sexual repression.
    Hopefully her writing style develops as she continues to write more novels.
    And like I said before, I didn’t entirely hate it, I liked the story line, but that was about all it had going for me.

  27. I really did like this series, but there were some things that bothered me. Did anyone else notice how Meyer brushed off some details? Like at the end of “Breaking Dawn,” when they were explaining the whole Jacob’s-not-a-real-werewolf issue, and Bella asks why Edward never told her this, and his answer was, “It never came up.” Oh, that’s a great explanation. Actually, it’s totally unsatisfying! Other times where plot holes occurred, Meyer threw in a character’s explanation of, “Oh, I forgot to tell you,” or “Oh, I just remembered…” I think she could have developed her plot a little better at the start, or she could have tried to explain sudden new developments in a way that showed more effort.

    I’m glad I read it all, and while the big story line was captivating, the writing style needs more work.

  28. Ghostofpoe Says:

    Anyone who considers twilight even in the midst of staple supernatural classics needs their brains lobotomized. Stephen Meyer warps and twists time tested characters with asinine descriptions and strawman characterization They sparkle in the sun and possess literally no weaknesses? Yeah, ok. I’ll give her some point on using Native American lore that ties into the shamanism of lycanthropy; that’s a valid entry. She suffers from “purple prose”: the writing over detailing every little movement and sometimes unnecessary imagery. There’s a reason why you have background information, but that doesn’t equate to scenery. I don’t need to know how Bella scratched her blackhead when Ewdard was wanking on the tree-top. Bella Swan is the definition of a miserably executed “Mary Sue”. Its simple wish fufillment. That’s fine, though, considering that this book wasn’t aimed at garnering critical commentary. Its a pager turner, which is succeeds for its target auidence. Twilight as a whole is garbage, in the vain of Fabio painted Harelquin novels. Flesh out a more compelling series of themes and motifs. Make readers think about the characters motives, rather than having them obessessively vapidly stare into their hollow shells of “personalities.”

  29. Who cares Says:

    Wow some of these comments are Hilarious. Twilight is a fad. The sotryline is really stupid. Its POORLY written. Stephenie Meyer didnt even visit Forks, she googled it. Even a 5th grader could have come up with a better story. And while Im at it, the movie sucked too. The whole entire time, bella is a bitch to everyone, shes also stupid as fuck. The only parts that were interesting was when they kiss. Read a Laurell K Hamilton book if you want something with vampires and sex. Twilight sucks and tahts a fact.

  30. I read all four, liked them, then thought about what they were about, and laughed. Now I say, holy mother of pearl, Bella is annoying as HELL, she’s whiny, petty, and the epitome of a Mary Sue… and Edward is a creepy stalker. Really, if you think about it, if he wasn’t a super-gorgeous, glittery, sexy beast, would Bella think the same way of him? Didn’t think so! It’s not a love story, it’s a lust story, plain and simple. True love is NOT finding the perfect man or woman and “lusting” them, it’s finding someone who is imperfect and truly loving them regardless. LOVE IS BLIND, MAN!
    However, I didn’t particularly dislike the writing style aside from it was painfully boring sometimes…
    My impression of Edward; “Bella, I love you… But I’m DANGEROUS!!!”
    … 400 pages later… “Bella, I love you… But I’m DANGEROUS!!!”

  31. well, after reading much better romances, I think edward and bella’s story sucks. i dont even understand who they are, they are terribly written and extremely inconsistent. i think i get why both teenagers and old women like this book–bella sometimes sounds like a childish 30 year old and at other she sounds 15, so everyone can step into her shoes and swoon. edward?? pff, everyone knows by now he’s meyer’s personal fantasy. jacob is the only decent character, in fact i like him a lot, but meyer can’t write to save her life and she ruined him U.u
    it’s weird because there must be much better romance books out there, even if they are old… Like The Blue Castle by LMM Montomery. that’s a great book with the bestest romance. so why women of all ages keep picking up twilight? weird yo.

  32. I totally agree with you. I didn’t love Twilight at all. Some of my reasons?

    My reasons:
    1) Edward is a domineering, controllling, stalker. Yes twifans, I said it. But note I did not verbally assault you, so don’t cuss me out!

    2) Bella is selfish and a bad example of a strong, independent female character. She whines, she’s ungrateful and, though warned not to jump off a cliff, did and almost drowned. And for what? To hear Edward’s voice! That practically falls under a mental issue.

    3) No good influences or morals were touched on in this series. Seriously, more than half of the series is spent on describing beautiful, godlike, scintillating, “Adonis like,” Edward. What about personality?

    4) Absolutely no character development! That is one of the most important things in a book. No one changed through out the entire series. jacob changed, yes, but for the worse. Jasper got a bigger part but that doesn’t fall under development.

    Quote Paper Shredder Reviews:
    1) It took Meyer, how many chapters, for Bella and the reader to discover Edward was a vampire. What makes this dumb is that it says Edward is a vampire on the back of the book!

    2) The first book was okay until I realized Edward was watching her sleep and then to discover that Bella is not at all creeped out by it. This book couldn’t be more sexist unless Bella spent her time cooking and cleaning the hosue…..oh wait, she does.

    3) Meyer’s descriptions: Two things. When Bella was driving into Forks with Charlie, Meyer writes, “Neither of us were particularily verbose.” Meyer should know that verbose and talkative do NOT mean the same thing. Second, Edward’s skin is described as scintillating and incandescent. INCANDESCENT? Like a light bulb? Ha!

    Sorry about the lengthy reply…

  33. hmmmmm..? Says:

    I don’t like Twilight. I think it is a poor excuse for “literature”. THere is no plot, no character development, and it sends a crappy message to its target audience. I have never bought any of the books, and I resent that Stephenie Meyer’s pockets are being lined becuase hormonal teenage girls are swooning over a fictional and miogynistic character.

  34. hmmmmm..? Says:

    id est, Edward.

  35. brittany Says:

    thomas – you nailed it. i completely agree.

  36. bookworm Says:

    OMG I am a twilight fan and i soooo disagree with some of the comment like the ones about bella falling off the cliff but i mean those r YOUR opinions not mine. I think that Stephenie is a good writer and Twilight was not a waste of time, besides by writing your criticism you are helping her to become a better writer by pointin out her weak points so……thnk u

  37. bookworm: the point of criticism is to build up the author. You said it!! Seriously though. Let’s hope Stephenie Meyer is writing a better story, because Twilight isn’t really all that good… Although I gotta admit, a story between a vampire and an average girl is tempting.

  38. Screwtwilight:) Says:

    Twilight blows. Hate to tell all you Twilight lovers. It’s blasphemy. A waste of space and time. Vampires are not 107 year old virgins… they are not vegetarians… they enjoy drinking blood, they thrive on it. They do not stay in highschool, they do not play baseball, they do NOT go to the freakin beach! They don’t sparkle in sunlight! Okay? No, its wrong. Vampires don’t sparkle. Vampires burst into flame in the sunlight. Why? Because they are creatures of the night. That’s why. Screw Smeyer. She’s an idiot. Apparently, being an idiot makes YOU lots of money. So what shes really trying to say to you is: Write absolute crap that little tweens will faun over and you’ll be a millionaire! Hurray! But in the end all you do is hurt actual readers. Who enjoy literature. She’s corrupted and destroyed vampires. Her books don’t deserve to be published besides the greats of our time. Stephen King, Anne Rice. Laurell K. Hamilton… etc etc. SO doesn’t deserve to be near any books in general. Get over twilight! You’re just cheering for a gay sparkling vampire who isn’t out of the closet yet. God.

  39. Screwtwilight:) Says:

    Oh! And calling Edward beautiful in someway 196 times? Including his BEAUTFUL driving skills? RIdiculous.

  40. Very well thought out blog. I totally agree. I didnèt hate the first book, but after it practically was dragged on… Nuh-uh, it was just too much to handle.

    i’d give all this hype five to seven years for it to completely die down…Unless they have other plans for it.

    Anyways, I’m just glad there are people out there that actually read enough to care about real literature. I mean, those books were just instant gratification for all those little teeny boppers. Like, damn.

    It wasnèt the best book that Iève read. Plus so far, itès one of the worst. The series is ranked second behind those What If books. Apparently many Twilight fans like those too. Haha. Strange coinky dink.

  41. There are a few good responses here, including Screwtwilight’s.
    A well balanced, thought out response. For those who thought the writer of this blog sucked, well write back when you get an education and understand the meaning of good writing. I couldn’t make it through 5 minutes of this hyped up vampire story. Meyer’s writing is terrible, and the words that come from Bella sound nothing remotely like a teenager would say, “My cloths are too permeable” ? It sounds like she sat with a thesaurus the whole time–completely forced. People can get angry if they love it, that’s fine, but give reasons that make it good–not “you suck” that shows your ignorance.
    The story line has potential–in love with a vampire–fabulous, but it is important to make the characters believable, not just there. Not much about it is believable.
    People who respond saying they dislike it give a multitude of reasons why, because there is a multitude of problems with it. People who love it write, “you all suck.”
    “Harry Potter” now that’s good–great really, Rowling’s is an exceptional writer. “Lord of the Rings” excellent!
    It’s the hype, people follow the masses, so those of you who choose to follow the masses even though they lead you off a cliff, have fun, while they rest of us who can’t seem to hang onto a story for the shear reason it is popular at the time, make our own paths. If I am going to spend my time reading, it is not going to be a struggle to do so. Besides how many of the “you suck” people actually read the book, and didn’t just see the movie. The adaption keeps things moving, the book certainly doesn’t. Oh wait, maybe you don’t know the word adaptation.

  42. I know what you mean.
    Its addicting at first………. but then you realize how ridiculous some parts of it is.
    Such as Bella’s absurde behaviors, jacob’s pedophilia, and how wrong the whole imprinting crap is.
    I enjoy edward cullen and the rest of the cullens, but i’m not going crazy lusting over some fictional guy. I think that twilight is overrated and that there are better books, and better writers who deserve the acclaim instead.

  43. Twilight was completely awful. You “Twitards” need to calm down whenever someone gives a negative review over the book. Perhaps Twilight is the only novel you have ever read? Maybe it’s time to read better stories, say by people who don’t abuse the thesaraus, and don’t allow their own sexual fantasies to interfere with their writing?

    There was no character development, the only reason why girls are insane over this series of books is because the story reflects on a gorgeous, dangerous, guy who falls in love with a less than beautiful girl, unconditionally, and with unbreakable, flawless love.

    Grow up. This love doesn’t exist. Except outside of the supernatural, can you think of any other flawless love? It’s completely unrealistic. With unrealistic dialogue, unrealistic scenes, actions.

    Replying to this post by saying “you suck” is, unfortunately, only humiliating yourself. Are you an idiot? Really? Can you think of nothing else to defend Twilight except “You suck, Twilight was awesome.”?

    You’re an idiot, truly, all of you Twilight fanatics are. Read good books. Anything by Ernest Hemingway, Dean Koontz, T.S. Eliot, etc, please, just stop reading a book that is equivelant to the Berenstain Bears for teenagers, and read something that makes you smarter.

  44. I think if you took the whole Edward-is-the-sexiest-thing-alive vibe out of the book, you would have half a book of Bella-whining-about-her-sucky-life. Where have the strong and independant women gone? What’s so bad about a girl wanting to do something for herself by herself? WHERE IS THE AMBITION?! It’s upsetting for me, maybe if Bella wasn’t so needy I would have enjoyed it more than I did. Maybe. The book was too shallow for me. What could have been an ocean (because the concept of Twilight is actually a very good one!) was barely a wading pool. By the anywho, love should not rule your life.
    Clean teens unite!

  45. Great blog. It’s great to know that there are SOME sane people around here, and not just stupid, twilight fans

  46. i am a mornom and she has good idaes and the all the young women group has read the boooks and some of us have even rereread them (terri )
    she is a great role modle for us

  47. The series was mediocre at best, and quite frankly, Harry Potter owns it any day. What can I say though? I see the Twitards are attacking you for a well-written, objective and restrained (hey, I’d have been very nasty there) review. All I can hope is that some of these freaks learn to spell…and pick up some Charlotte Bronte instead of that waste of paper. At least there are no Mary Sues and plotholes there.
    (Twitards note, all of this, *gasp* from a 16 year old vampire-loving girl!) There are intelligent teenaged girls out there 🙂 I’m happy to say that I loved your review, and wish you the best. Now I’m off to erase Eddiekins from my mind with some Anne Rice.

  48. Meyer is possibly the worst author ever…

  49. I can honestly say to the people putting hate comments here- if your reading something that makes you angry- just stop reading it. Not for the person you’re trying to insult, but for you, it will make you so much happier.
    But, anyways, I mostly agree with this.
    I’m not going to lie, I was one of those Twi-Hard fans for along time. But now, I’m over it. I don’t hate it or anything, I just found better, more thought-out books. They still have the teen aspecct, with the love and the heartbreak, but the characters aren’t so… 1-dimentional (yes I’m aware- I spelt that wrong).
    Twilight is good, and the books get better with each one, but the obsessivness of it is unnessasary. Both for me, and others.
    Peace always ~Lybia~

  50. I stumbled across this and I have to say that I agree totally.
    I read it a couple of years ago and thought it was ok. Not great and not the worst that I’ve read, but I don’t think it deserved a recommendation probably because I have never been into Young Adult books, even if they are suited for my age. I’m more of a Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Karen Chance, Katie MacAlister and Linda Howard type girl.
    I think all the hype is stupid and I think that’s the reason why I don’t like it. I’ve read every single one, giving each of them a chance in their own right, but they just didn’t appeal to me.

    And to those who are defending the books; learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. People will respect and listen to your points if you know about spelling and grammer.

  51. your all poopy

  52. like i know like everyone is toats bein all rude and sh!+ and you are alll sum crazii mother******* but i AGREEEEEEEEEEEEE with laura ^^

  53. charles. Says:

    the women above me couldnt have said it any more perfectly. well put ladies. hit me up 😉


    but thats just short for isabella…………kinda like bella in da book

  55. i luv mah support.thnx bethches & charles… if your sexy ill condisaaa

  56. I meant to say “consider.”

  57. Twilight sucks. I’m awesome.

    You know what’s hilarious? Re-read all the comments from the Twilight fans on this blog. NOT ONE of them can form a coherent sentence. Incidentally, neither can Stephanie Meyer. I think I’ve solved the mystery as to why her TERRIBLE books have gained such popularity. NO ONE CAN READ ANYMORE.

    It’s like I’m living in the movie Idiocracy. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of all the other crap authors who are going to feel inspired by Meyer’s success and start churning out more crap novels. Pretty soon we’re going to be reduced to picture book stories with sloppy stick-figure charaters, which might actually be slightly better than Meyer’s writing.

    I tried several, several times to finish Twilight. I couldn’t do it. Was her editor high?

    Seriously, I need to know.

  58. I actually can’t believed myself that I was engrossed with edward-bella story. I was a fan two years ago and I think vampire stories are interesting so I read other vampire npvels
    after that, I realized how boring Twilight saga is.

    twilight is a plain love story, no action,mystery and such. The plotline are all the same:

    1. bella must be safe
    2. kill other vamp to save bella
    3. make bella a vamp
    4. lovestory

    it would have been great if the story didnt focused with edward-bella cause there are more interesting parts such as the voltouri, real werewolves, shapeshifters, or even alice’s strange past..

    oh well, i just hope SM will continue the stoory but enough with too much love stories.

    i also realized, i wonder how nessie will feel that her soon-to-be-bf was inlove with her mom…o-oh

  59. You are not right! Book of Stephenie Meyer is this very remarkable work. She wrote with a book a clear language for young people. I read all books literally for a month, they so pleased me, that I could not unstuck from them. And now I re-read them again, because the plot of books incredibly interesting.

    She undertook a right to do vampires not such, as we presented them traditionally. She did vampires vegetarians, showing that vampires can be kind and to do without human blood. The book of Stephenie came into to itself much notice, although to it she wrote books never.
    I live in Ukraine, and here the books of Meyer purchased large popularity. I and my friends did not remain indifferent to this book. And I think in general, that Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner would not be now popular as, that this books were not!

  60. Wow, don’t you just love Kayla and A.J.’s comments? I suggest you learn how to spell and write correctly before you insult. I know these comments were made a few years ago but they attacked on a personal level. Inexcusable!

    Anyhow, Ms. Meyers books read like a Harlequin romance. What she has done that is different is inserted vampires and werewolves for the supernatural aspect. Apparently a romance between the undead and a human has enormous appeal to many people. To me it is too fluffy and contrived. Still I wish I would have thought of it as she is a multi-millionaire and I am not. Goes to show you though that anything is possible.

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