The God Of Animals by Aryn Kyle

As I am thinking back on this book, I cannot remember how the title ties into the novel.  I really like it when I figure out where the title came from in a book.  Generally speaking, it seems like all the way through the book, horses are the God of all the animals, until the end, then we see that, of course, humans are the Gods of the animals. 

 This was a coming of age story about a girl named, Alice.  It was set in the mid-west on a horse ranch.  Most of the book took place in the barn, cleaning the stalls, caring for the horses and learning to ride the horses for rodeos.  I don’t know very much about horses so this book was very educational for me.  Horses are such intelligent animals that also seem to have a range of emotion. 

Ms. Kyle did an excellent job of developing the characters.  Alice, the main character, was likable and complex.  Her mother had severe depression and spent most of the book in her bed.  The dad was a hard worker, but no matter what they still remained poor. There was an English Teacher who was inappropriate. There was an older sister who is magical on a horse but gets married to a rodeo star so she can leave the life on the ranch.  There are the rich ladies who take lessons, board their horses at the ranch and have affairs with fathers. And then there are the horses, each with a personality of their own.

The book had good examples of the different socioeconomical classes in America.  There is also the exploration of young love (sigh).

 This is a well written, haunting, first novel.  It is a very smart book that I could not find a single flaw with. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a book that is difficult to put down.

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