Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I’m not a big fan of YA books, for example Harry Potter, yawn. I can see why this book is popular among teens right now, especially the Emo kids.  The only other vampire book that I’ve read was an Anne Rice, and I can’t even remember the name of it. So I did not have much to compare it to.

I did like Ms. Meyer’s description of Edward’s family and her ideas about how they came to be vampires.  I thought it was interesting that some of them had special gifts and some familes were not as civilized as other clans.  I really thought it was a great that Edward’s family did not eat humans.

I did not think it was believable that Bella’s mother would want her daughter to move from Az to Wa during her high school years, just so the mother could run off with a guy. It almost seemed like author had to go back and add all of the accidents and Bella’s clumsiness so she could wrap up the book.  It wasn’t a very deep book and it wasn’t a bad book.

It was a quick read, so that’s a plus. I have no desire to read New Moon or Eclipse but did buy Eclipse as an Easter present for my 15 year old step-daughter.

One Response to “Twilight by Stephanie Meyer”

  1. I pretty much ended on the same note you did. It wasn’t bad, it was very fast, and the mother stuff and clumsiness were obvious plot mechanisms. I have read a lot more vampire novels, and this was a nice take on them, a bit more unique.

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