TBR Challenge: The Non-Runner’s Marathon Guide For Women by Dawn Dais

With a subtitle of “Get Off Your Butt And On With Your Training,” how can you not love this book.

 Almost four years ago, after developing gestational diabetes,  a doctor told me that I needed to do something drastic to keep from developing diabetes when I am older.   She suggested training to do marathons which is what she had done.  I was stunned at the thought of it.  My husband supported me as I tried to make changes to our lifestyle.  We began eating healthier and exercising regularly.   I walked –occasionally jogged a bit– but never really trained for a marathon.  It was always in the back of my mind.  Almost a year ago, I found the book and put it on my wish list over at PBS.  Just as soon as it arrived, I cracked it open and continued my journey. 

This book is hilarious.  If you want to run (or walk) a marathon (or half-marathon), this book is for you.  If a marathon is not on your to do list, I would recommend it to you anyway.  Dawn Dais is straight forward and full of fun notions about running.  Her journal entries are “roll on the floor” funny at times.  She is straight forward with the readers on the negative aspects of running and marathon training.   She lays out the important details for those who are following the training schedule.  What type of clothes should you wear?  What are the essentials?  What is GU? (I didn’t know either, don’t worry she explains it all.) 

I am wrapping up my third week of training.  It is exhilarating and empowering.  I find great delight in choosing which half marathon I am going to finish.  It is between Chattanooga in November and South Carolina in December.  This book is a winner all the way.




3 Responses to “TBR Challenge: The Non-Runner’s Marathon Guide For Women by Dawn Dais”

  1. I am so not a runner with no real desire to run (I do love to walk though) but I’m going to put this book on my TBR list. It looks really good. Who knows, maybe I’ll change. 🙂 I did walk a marathon once, and plan to possibly walk the half marathon in a few years.

    Good luck with your training!

  2. My mom this past year trained for her first 5k run, she’s now training to do 10k. She’s doing it one step at a time and I’m very proud of her 🙂
    I started working out and getting really into exercising about 2 years ago. It’s made me feel so good about myself. I feel stronger, I sleep better and I almost never feel groggy and blah. It’s so much fun to get physical! I mix it up, I run, walk, play some sports (mainly with my cousins in the backyard… I set up a volleyball net, I try to get them involved and active too, it brings us together and it’s not competitive, just plain old fun!)
    Congrats to you for getting into running, I wish you so much luck! I love hearing stories about people who are just discovering the wonders of fitness. For me in particular it’s brought me closer to nature and to myself. I was never ever athletic before, but that doesn’t stop me from working hard and pushing myself. I know that anyone can put their minds to it and be great!
    I’m definitely going to recommend this book to my mom! And maybe I’ll take a gander as well.
    I love to log my workouts and if that floats your boat, I recommend ‘The Ultimate Workout Log’ it has a ton of great quotes and little quizzes and it’s one of the most complete logs I’ve seen.

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