Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris

This review is also posted at Books. Lists. Life. I am copying it here because a certain someone else from this blog also recently read it and I’d like to spur her review.

Grave Surprise is the second book in the Harper Connelly series. Since being struck by lightning as a teen, Harper has had the ability to find bodies, and to tell what killed them. In this book, Harper and her brother/keeper Tolliver have come to Memphis to demonstrate her talent when Harper discovers a grave that contains not one, but two bodies. Through coincidence (or not) they become suspects in the murder of the unexpected body.

When I read the first in the series, Grave Sight, I liked it but didn’t love it. I had the same response to this one. While I enjoy Charlaine Harris, I definitely prefer the Sookie Stackhouse books to these. Harper is a good character and has a lot of potential. She has flaws (sometimes contradictory- her leg is weak to the point of needing help walking at times as a result of the lightning, but she enjoys jogging?), she isn’t sociable and doesn’t feel the need to apologize for herself. Tolliver is a bit of a cliche- not traditionally good looking but has a woman in every town clamoring for his attention. While I like the idea of a brother-sister team, this isn’t one that I enjoy. I find the relationship between the two of them incredibly creepy. This is somewhat addressed in the book, but before I got to that point I almost put the book aside for good.

The plot itself was ok. The mystery had plenty of clues and I’m sure the average reader could figure it out. I really like the “senses dead people” idea and will certainly continue to read the books, but they won’t be at the top of my wish list.


3 Responses to “Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris”

  1. I completely agree with your take on this series. The Sookie Stackhouse Series is much more enjoyable. Even though I’m not loving the Harper Connelly Series quite as much, I still find the characters and storyline compelling enough that I’ll continue to read them. I suppose that’s what makes a talented author…even when the story doesn’t blow you away, it still somehow keeps you interested and involved.

    It’ll be interesting to see how/if Harris expands on Harper’s new ability that allowed her to connect with the ghost in Grave Surprise…

  2. I find that her relationship with her ‘brother’ creeped me out to. I like the story (Grave Surprise) and I want to go out and get the other two books–from the library cuz if the auther is going to develop their relationship the way I think she is. I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of the series.

  3. Hm, well, i have to agree with everyone here and at the same time, the series itself I figure is the second best. Sookie Stackhouse is the best, but if you have read her shakespear series.. lilly bard… well… Harper is god compared to lilly I think. But as for the brother thing, yes.. it will continue in the way one doesnt want it, and at the same time.. arent they the best for eachother? I dunno.. it is a bit creepy but it makes sense, but ive never had a brother so I prolly couldnt understand much of it.

    all in all, as for Charlene Harris mysteries, I dig the Harper series the most..

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