Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (Gina’s review)

“Nothing good ever happens in the cafeteria.   The cafeteria is a giant sound stage where they film daily segments of Teenage Humiliation Rituals.  And it smells gross.”   Melinda (pg 104)

The first day of high school is difficult under the best of circumstances:  Melinda’s circumstances are far from best.   Her friends aren’t talking to her.   The other kid’s at school are talking about her.  And Melinda…well, she’s just not talking.  

They want me to speak”  -Melinda (pg 113)

This is a well written book about a young girl’s struggle with the truth.   Anderson reveals the story slowly and methodically.  The reader travels the road to enlightenment and truth with Melinda with beautiful phrasing and eloquent writing.   We get to know Melinda through her thoughts.  

“Do they chose to be so dense?  Were they born that way?  I have no friends.  I have nothing.  I say nothing.  I am nothing.  I wonder how long it takes to ride a bus to Arizona.”   – Melinda (pg 116)

You can find my fellow Rather Reader’s reviews here and here (major spoiler in this one).

13 Responses to “Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (Gina’s review)”

  1. /sigh

    /double sigh


    bad bad, sit in corner and sulk.

    Not reading anymore. Never. Not one more word.

    oooooooo, the library has Gods in Alabama . . .

  2. dominic b. Says:

    hey. i would like to know if there is anywhere i can go on line and read this book online???

  3. Dominic- I do not know of a place where you can go on line to read this book. Sorry.

  4. This book was not bad…I believe the book was better than the movie as well.
    But of course, I am only a 7th grader saying this, so what do I know?
    I just know how tough it would be to be in her situation, and I just have to say I am glad, and lucky it wasn’t me.

    BTW, good review. Not bad…

  5. im dieing to read this book i put in on hold like 2 months ago and still no answer:(
    stupid libraryon or how ever u spell it 😦

  6. gloryanna Says:

    I read this book in English class. I myself actually thought this was a very good book. We also watched the movie. I thought the book was better, but the movie wasnt bad neither. Actually I’m thinking of buying it. I was also looking for a place to re-read it online, but I saw your other response so thanks anyways.

  7. Laurie Halse Anderson Says:

    hi i was in that situation and i was just like her then i saw the movie and i spoke now i feel relived

  8. I love this book very much i think tht i like it much better then the movie!

  9. i usually buy books online because i do not have time to visit the local bookstore ::

  10. i’ve never seen the movie OR read the book, but i am looking forward to going to my local library and checking if they have it 🙂
    I think it sounds like a very wondeful story

  11. everyone who wants to read “Speak” heres a link to it online:


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