TBR Day: Loyalty in Death by J.D. Robb

This first TBR day is drawing to a close and I am puttering away at the computer trying to meet my deadline.   Avidbookreaderis hosting this challenge.  I did not finish the 2008 challenge, but I almost did, so I am trying it again this year.  This year she has put a bit of a twist in the monthly challenges.  Mostly they have to do with romances.  This month we are supposed to try and read a Category Romance.  I don’t really read romances, so I am going to just pick a book from my stacks. 

This month’s selection was Loyalty in Death by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts).  This is the ninthbook in the “In Death” series.  It follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her band of trusty sidekicks through some terrorist plots in the futuristic New York City.   The twists and turns of the story were very well done.  I liked the mystery of it.   Robb is good at spinning a good mystery.  I feel like the romance between Roarke and Dallas is coming along very well.  I love the way they keep learning how to be a couple.  I do find the “love scenes” to be a bit much.  As I stated earlier, I don’t read romance novels anymore.  Their loves scenes tend to fall into the romance novel category for me.  I wouldn’t even mention it except that it doesn’t happen once or twice — but there are three to five love scenes in each book.  For me, there are a few too many.   (But that is personal preference.)

The most interesting part of the book has nothing to do with the story, but the time when it was written.  You see, this book on terrorism was written pre-9/11.   It even goes so far as to mention the Twin Towers as a possible target for their terrorist organization; however, it is quickly figured out to be Lady Liberty that is targeted.  I felt that many times my brain was brought back to that September day when our world changed.  

I really enjoyed this installment of Lt. Eve Dallas’ life.  I recommend these books to people who like mystery books, but that aren’t afraid of some steamier scenes.

7 Responses to “TBR Day: Loyalty in Death by J.D. Robb”

  1. You don’t have to sound like you never read a romance! I shared books with you for years, I know better. Do the sex scenes in LK Hamilton not bother you?

  2. I did not mean to sound like I have never read romance novels rather that I don’t read them now. The last romance novel I read was probably 10 years ago. I do apologize. There is nothing wrong with the romance genre…just that I don’t read them at this point in my life. I do still remember many of them very fondly. I can name favorites and still can quote lines from a few. 🙂

    As far as LKH, the sex scenes do bother me…but differently. I am more bothered by LKH’s lack of plot in her later books. The plot seems to be filler for small areas around the sex. I have tried to continue to read them, but am so frustrated that I find myself always deciding to read something else instead. (For a long time, I kept reading them hoping it was a phase LKH was going through and that one book I picked up would be as great as the first few. Sadly, this has not been the case.)

    All in all, honestly, I just find Robb to be a better writer. I just find some of the sex in her books to slow down the plot a bit. I still enjoy the books though. And I wouldn’t want her to take all of her romance away. 😉

  3. I agree that most of the scenes in Robb’s could be left out. I just don’t always things love scenes should be left out- and it shocked me to think you’re turning into a reader who can’t take a little sex!

  4. Gina, I feel the same way about LKH that you do. I used to buy her books as soon as they came out, but it took longer and longer for me to get through them as they became more “sex with a tiny bit of story.” I read lots of romance, but putting sex scenes in something doesn’t make it a romance novel. Earlier books in LKH’s Anita Blake series had scenes with Jean-Claude or Richard that made them good books to recommend to romance readers who wanted to try something different, but now it’s just about the sex.

    I stuck with the series for a while, but it’s gotten to the point where reading it is not only a chore, it makes me feel like my mind needs a good scrubbing with some industrial strength cleaner (and I’ve read Lora Leigh and Angela Knight). My theory is that when LKH started writing her Meredith Gentry books (which is around the same time when her Anita Blake books changed), she was so intent on making them different from her Anita Blake series that her Anita Blake series became like her Meredith Gentry books.

    As far as J.D. Robb goes, I love her stuff. Unfortunately, her more recent books (haven’t read the newest one yet) feel like they’re stuck in a rut – I enjoy the first 11 books a bit more, when all the characters were still feeling out their relationships with each other. I don’t read the books for the mysteries – although the mysteries can be pretty interesting, it’s not a good sign when even I can manage to figure out who the killer is 50 pages or more before the ending. What keeps me coming back are the character relationships. 🙂

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