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The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

Posted in Lisa, Non-Fiction with tags , , on February 10, 2008 by Lisa

Talk to anyone who has known me for more than a couple of years and they’ll be surprised to learn that I read a book about a politician (not counting long dead ones.)  In the last few years I find myself caring more and more, and becoming more interested in what is going on around me. I’ve written letters to my local representatives- something I wouldn’t have even considered 6 years ago. I am still woefully lacking in a political education. I don’t understand a lot of the political process. But I’m trying and, for me, that’s huge.

I started The Audacity of Hope several weeks ago.  The beginning was pretty hard for me because it referenced a lot of political history that I just didn’t know about.   Once of the side effects of pregnancy is that I’m tired all the time, and staying awake to read about political history (however lightly written) was tough. After this section Obama breaks down his feelings on various aspects of our country: education, race, family, and religion among others.  It’s not heavy handed, in fact, it’s very conversational.  I found that the book was making me depressed, not because I didn’t agree, but rather because I DID. It was very hard to ignore the things I’ve been ignoring when someone is pointing them out to you.  Obama doesn’t blatantly blame anyone, but does point out areas where he feels change would be good.  It’s not a book of his position or his platform on any of the topics.  Reading this doesn’t tell me what he’s going to DO, but it does tell you how he FEELS.  This might not be what you’re looking for in a book by a politician. Or, if you’re me, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. It was hard to read but I’m glad I read it.

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