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Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Posted in Fiction, Lisa with tags , , on February 24, 2008 by Lisa

If you’re a reader of my other blog, you know that I’m a fan of urban fantasy. The Dresden Files are a hugely popular urban fantasy series, so it only follows that I’d eventually get around to them. My husband  has read the first 6 and has been urging me to jump on the bandwagon as well.  Last year I (we) read most of Simon R. Green’s Nightside series and did enjoy them, and Mike claims the Dresden Files are even better. So last weekend I decided to give Storm Front a try.

Storm Front is the first in the series (duh.)  Harry Dresden is a licensed detective who barely does enough business to make ends meet.  Oh, and he’s a wizard. When a brutal murder is discovered, the local police bring him in to take a look and see if it could be magical.  Add in a missing husband case, a mobster, a talking skull, some fairies, and a new illegal drug and there you have it.  Dresden is a bit annoying.  Butcher is clearly trying to strike a balance of knowing it all and being uncertain of his abilities. It comes off a bit like a geeky loser. (And I mean that in the *nicest* possible way!)  The story line itself was pretty good,  believable even.  The supporting characters aren’t so memorable, but it is a long series, so I’m sure we’ll see them again and they will develop more.

If I were to compare this first Dresden file book to the first Nightside book, I’d favor this one. Something From the Nightside  takes off into a complete fantasy world, whereas this one sticks firmly in the real world- except for the magic part. My husband says this is the weakest of the series of what he’s read, and that overall it gets much better.  I’m really glad that we have the first 6 waiting for me to dip into at will.